Shifts in Crystal and Gold 1
  • nachte


Shifts in Crystal and Gold updates are on hiatus until May. I hate to do this with the end of Chapter 2 coming up and the 2nd anniversary so close, but real life responsibilities (and opportunities!) leave me with little time to work on pages for the next couple of months. My love for Merlin and Arthur couldn't be stronger and I still love working on the comic, but I cannot in good faith commit to a regular update schedule at this time. If you're interested, I plan to update my Tumblr with WIPs and doodles from time to time to keep from getting rusty.

Comic making is a slow and hard process, but you made it worthwhile with your enthusiasm and support over the years. Thank you and I hope to see you again. It's been a pleasure. :)

P.S. Shifts in Crystal and Gold Chapter 1 is now available in Italian at Yume World Scanlations! Exciting!!