Artemis (nachte) wrote in crystalandgold,

Extra #04. King and Guardian - Happy First Anniversary

Celebrating one year since Shifts in Crystal and Gold started posting! Thank you friends and readers for all of your wonderful love and support. ♥

I had a completely different concept when I first started this color spread (with dragons and magic and offerings), but then I was blindsided by an image of Arthur on his throne with Merlin right there with him and this happened. Oops. So I had started over, made a new sketch and everything when I realized the poses looked a lot like CLAMP's illustration of Lelouch and Suzaku from Code Geass. But dammit, I wanted Arthur and Merlin on a throne, and I will not deny you Arthur and Merlin on a throne! Thank you again~ ♥

Textless version is here.
Tags: !extras

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