Artemis (nachte) wrote in crystalandgold,

#42. Shifts in Crystal and Gold - ch2 p008

Hello Arthur for the first time in Chapter 2!

And hello from Montreal! If anyone's attending TCAF in Toronto later in the week, you should pick up Love Love Hill's new anthology Knight Life! In which I shamelessly draw 2 pages full of party banter in tribute to Dragon Age 2. And my main character looks like Arthur with a beard.

So. I was completely on track to post pages uninterrupted through my vacation when I very insanely decided it was a good idea to insert new scenes into my script right before my travel plans. Which unfortunately means page 43 will be delayed. In the meantime please accept this Merlin/Arthur doodle (Rated PG, but slightly NSFW for suggestiveness) with my apologies.
Tags: *chapter 2

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