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#15. Shifts in Crystal and Gold - ch1 p015

A lot of times I think I finish a page, and then I come back later and notice a bunch of missing details. The item that I most frequently forget? Arthur's sword. *shakes fist*

Now some news about updates. With summer travel and paperlegends Big Bang coming up, I'm afraid I'll have to change the update schedule to once every two weeks. That way you lovely readers aren't left hanging with an inconsistent update schedule, and I can breathe a bit easier. I want you all to have the best pages that I can output to the best of my ability and the schedule change will allow me to do that.

So what is this traveling I'll be doing? I'll be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival May 7-8 for a weekend worth of art and comics! If you're in the Toronto area, come check out the awesome creators. It's free! And if you want to say hi, PM me or stop by Love Love Hill's table (#245). I'll be wandering around most likely, but they'll be able to track me down. And while you're there, check out Love Love Hill's beautiful books, all lovingly crafted and produced! ♥

If you don't catch me or Love Love Hill at TCAF, you can find us at Anime North's Comic Market at the end of the month!

I appreciate all of your patience and wonderful support. ♥ Thank you! See you in two weeks!
Tags: *chapter 1

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